Goals House

Goals House, now in its third year, has convened many of the world’s most influential figures behind the drive to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It is a sustainable sanctuary, designed to host ground-breaking debates and discussions with internationally-renowned activists, thinkers, politicians, personalities, business leaders and entrepreneurs in order to make meaningful progress towards achieving the Global Goals.

This year, Goals House is focusing on the road to COP, gathering pace and momentum with key moments throughout the year including G7, WEF and UNGA and Goals House will continue to convene the world’s biggest organisations and top thinkers in pursuit of the Global Goals.

Taking place in summer 2021, leaders from some of the world's most advanced economies which form the G7 will meet to help the world build back better from the coronavirus pandemic and create a greener, more prosperous future. It sets out to lead the global recovery from the coronavirus while strengthening resilience against future pandemics; promote future prosperity by championing free and fair trade, tackle climate change and preserve the planet’s biodiversity; and champion global shared values.

With the global agenda gearing up to COP in November, the G7 will act as a focal point for leaders to show their commitment to the year ahead.

The UK Presidency will also draw on expertise and advice from all sectors across each nation, working with G7 Engagement Groups, as follows: Women 7, Youth 7, Business 7, Civil Society 7, Labour 7 and Science 7. We expect to see the UK Government launch the Global Partnership for Education with partners including Malala Fund to focus on the links between climate change and girls education. Sustainability and Fashion will also take centre stage in June as well as a key focus on Health and Wellbeing.

For more information on Houses at G7, UNGA and COP please get in touch at goalshouse@freuds.com and follow us @GoalsHouse on Instagram.