January Dialogues

Goals House

January dialogues

19-21 January 2021

2020 has been a challenging year, where the world has been turned on its head, but 2021 promises to be a moment of economic and geopolitical awakening. Nations will begin emerging from the crisis after experiencing the impacts of Covid-19 in vastly different ways.

Across Europe and the Americas, rebuilding will start as the first communities are vaccinated, while in Asia, where many nations dealt effectively with the virus, the social costs are still being evaluated. In Africa, the continent's escape from the worst impacts of the virus means the critical impact will be to economies, as the long-term economic impact of Covid-19 and its effect on how we work, travel and live remains uncertain.

The year will also see a new momentum for multilateralism, especially on the climate agenda as the next COP meeting is held and the United States re-signs the Paris Agreement. However, cracks continue to undermine global institutions with China’s relationship with the World Health Organisation coming under renewed scrutiny, while in Europe, the complex relationship between Britain and Europe will be reconfigured.

Covid-19 is once again demonstrating that nationalism and national priorities continue to dominate.

This January, launching in the lead up to the Presidential Inauguration and the Davos dialogues, Goals House will tackle topics and themes focused on the climate, gender equality, health and wellbeing, politics and the future of work.

This series of moments will include some live panels and roundtables, fireside chats, screenings of videos and other topical content.

All this will be accumulated into a 17 Goal Tapestry that will highlight The Great Reset, the importance of the opportunity that lies ahead for the SDGs and the positive outlook we have going into 2021. We will run this series from our Goalshouse.com website and @goalshouse Instagram in partnership with Project Everyone.