Goals House


Goals House is a community of internationally renowned activists, thinkers, political figures, business leaders, and entrepreneurs, that come together at significant global moments throughout the year united in the drive to achieve the UN’s Sustainable  Development Goals (SDGs). 

The community is convened for conversations and connections, discussions and dinners, panels and nightcaps, in a unique space that is designed and built to facilitate collaboration and inspiration in equal measure.

In the past three years the House has travelled to WEF in Davos, Cannes Lions, UNGA in New York and COP 26 in Glasgow with pop ups in London, Berlin, Kigali and Abu Dhabi.

In 2022, Goals House will be present at key global moments including SXSW, WEF, Cannes Lions, London Climate Week, UNGA, NYC Climate Week and COP27.


Over the last three years, Goals House has curated, and hosted hundreds of action-oriented discussions and debates aimed at driving meaningful progress towards achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Between 2019 and today, Goals House partners’ aims, actions and outcomes included:

$50 billion toward activities supporting the Global Goals

$445 billion by 2030 to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable economy

£200 million to build a world in which no one is held back by mental health with a focus on young people with anxiety and depression

$10 million to ensure that all girls and young women in sub-Saharan Africa will have access to sexual health education