Davos 2022

Davos House will return during WEF for the third time in 2022.

Our ongoing programme will focus on a wide range of key topics including sustainability, following up on the commitments made at COP26, particularly on biodiversity, with the upcoming UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon, and the hosting of several Sustainable Markets Initiative taskforce meetings, as they regroup two years after the SMI was first launched at Davos 2020.

In a year that will also see the seventh replenishment of the Global Fund, the agenda will review general lessons for healthcare systems across the world, considering recovery from (and preparedness for) global pandemics and where the overall responsibility for population health lies.

The agenda will also see a refocusing on the importance of delivering diversity, equality and inclusion in leadership positions.

Davos House will allow guests to feel comfortable and safe by including safety measures in line with government guidelines and WEF protocols.